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The offshore medics course was designed by Dr Dave to go beyond the theoretical to give people the confidence and competence to deal with complex medical situations when they may be days away from help.
This course has been a hit at RAYC previously and it was fantastic to see over 40 people attend last weekend and several attendees  repeating the course. The attendees ranged from offshore pros who had completed multiple Volvo’s and sailed countless miles around the globe. To those getting ready to set off on their very first offshore adventure.
Dr Dave’s Offshore Medic Course consists of two day’s of practical hands on medical training with a good balance of theory, practice and real life experience. Everyone who attended the course was raving about how insightful, engaging and useful the content was.
” I cruise with my husband who is turning 90 this month, I want to know what to do if anything happens to him” Janet Warnock
“Never let the sun set on undrained pus” – Dr Dave
” Getting the chance to practice giving injections, stapling and suturing is invaluable, I know feel like I would have the confidence to do it when needed” – multiple people
“ Not just useful for offshore but also when tramping or out of coverage on the farm” – Rear Commodore Jason Morgan
Huge thanks to Dr Dave, Rebecca and Sally for volunteering their time and skills to make the course happen and to HMSCT for donating the use of the room and resources. This generosity allows proceeds from the day to be donated back to sailing.