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Akarana Ocean paddlers are surf-ski paddling enthusiasts. This group has grown from the historic Fergs Saturday surf ski group. We now have many members who train on weekdays as well as join the “weekend warriors” on Saturdays at 7.30 a.m. and Sundays at 8 a.m. rain or shine.

Weekends are an opportunity to push the distances. Weekday mornings are about speed, technique, or the fancy of those who can get a good early morning session in before work. Our skis range from EPIC, FENN, NK- Nordic Kayaks, NELO, VADJA, and others. Paddlers generally meet at the surf-ski storage area where direction and distance are decided before heading out. Buddy paddling is highly recommended for all those new to the sport.

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or new to the sport, join us every Saturday and Sunday. We embrace all weather conditions and paddle throughout the year. Our community comprises 80 passionate paddlers, with 20-30 hitting the waters every weekend!

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For more information about joining the paddlers – please use the contact form below.


  • Under no circumstances are rack assignments to be altered unless approved by John Cooper
  • Only one (1) surf ski per member is permitted, regardless if vacancies exist (we need to be able to take new members and assign them available racks).
  • By default, please ensure that you lock the container(s) at all times.
  • No personal gear is to be left in the containers. Please lock your gear safely in your car.
  • Report any rack damage ASAP to John Cooper
  • Only current financial members are eligible for storage – no exceptions.
  • All surf skis in the racks are to have a current RAYC membership sticker clearly displaying your membership number. Please re-write your number if you see it wearing off.
  • Updates to these rules may be altered at any time based on members’ comments and feedback.

Weekly Schedule

  • Saturday: Depart from Containers near the Hyundai Marine Sports Centre (Akarana Eatery) at 7:30am.
  • Sunday: Same location at 8:00am.

Our sessions typically last a minimum of an hour, covering a distance of 10km, extending up to 20km as stamina builds. As major events approach, some members push themselves to cover 25-30km or even more. While competition drives many of us, a significant number simply enjoy the camaraderie and the joy of paddling.

Post Paddle Gathering

After our weekend sessions, we regroup at the Akarana Eatery for breakfast and coffee. Members enjoy a 10% discount. For those who like to paddle during the week, we gather on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6am, and in the summer, we add afternoon sessions starting between 5:30pm and 6pm.

Expand Your Horizons

Several of our members excel in multi-sport and adventure racing, including C2C. They are always eager to offer insights and guidance for those venturing into different events.

Club Equipment Rentals

We offer club-owned skis, including the stable Fenn Bluefin, the swift Fenn Elite double, and the steady Fenn XT double ski. Members wishing to book these for events can do so via the Skedda booking app on our Facebook Page.

To book, create a free account using your name and email. If you need reminders, check our Facebook page’s “Announcements” section.

Tips for New Paddlers

  1. Essential Gear: Surfski, leash, paddle, life jacket, warm clothing. Recommended brands: Vaikobi and Sharkskin. Ensure you have a phone protected in double ziplock bags. Consider carrying a marine radio, preferably waterproof with a minimum of 5 Watts power, securely tied to your lifejacket.
  2. Safety First: Learn how to recover and re-enter your surfski in various conditions. Watch Oscar Chalupski’s YouTube sessions for guidance.
  3. Master Stability: Effective paddling technique is crucial. Move at a steady pace to maintain balance. Learn different ways to remain stable, especially in rough waters.
  4. Consistency is Key: Regular practice will enhance your skills.

Boost Your Technique with These Videos

For Inspiration: 

  1. Surfski Remount with Oscar Chalupsky and Epic Kayaks –
  2. Remounting an elite surfski in extreme conditions –
  3. Ivan Lawler Racing Kayak Technique Masterclass –