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Royal Akarana Paddlers (RAPS)

“We are a bunch of guys and girls of all ages who get together to paddle surf skis socially and train for competition.”

The following rules apply from Monday 28 November 2016:

  • Under no circumstances are rack assignments to be altered unless approved by John Cooper
  • Only one (1) surf ski per member is permitted, regardless if vacancies exist (we need to be able to take new members and assign them available racks).
  • By default, please ensure that you lock the container(s) at all times.
  • No personal gear is to be left in the containers. Please lock your gear safely in your car.
  • Report any rack damage ASAP to John Cooper
  • Only current financial members are eligible for storage – no exceptions.
  • All surf skis are in the racks are to have a current RAYC membership sticker clearly displaying your membership number. Please re-write your number if you see it wearing off.
  • Updates to these rules may be altered at any time based on members comments and feedback.

Please refer all questions to John Cooper

Surf Ski Storage Waiting List Application

Please Note: We do not have storage for kayaks, sea canoes, waka or SUP