Youth teams put the Seniors on notice

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Youth teams put the Seniors on notice


Sail Akarana 14/15 September 2013

Look out Skiffies, the kids are here to stay!

Youth teams Matt Morgan/Alex Wotton (29er) and Alex Munro/Will Cobb (49er) put in a strong performance at their first Sail Akarana, placing well against the usual suspects from the RAYC skiff fleet.  In race 1, Russ Evans (Musto) popped out of a busy committee boat end and extended to an early lead.  But he failed to cover Neil McCallum (RS700) who tacked to right halfway up the first work.  McCallum rounded first followed by Matt Bailey (Musto). Gennaker issues put an early end to McCallum’s sailing day leaving Evans and Bailey to swap the lead several times in very close racing with the ever present RS800 (Shaun and Eileen Gilder). On corrected time Evans prevailed with Bailey second and Morgan/Wotton’s 29er a mere 26 seconds behind in third.

With a much better start in Race 2, Munro/Cobb disappeared into the distance in the 49er.  The R800 and two Mustos rounded stern to stern and enjoyed a drag race to the port tack layline.  With the breeze up and a difficult turn at the bottom mark the RS800 went swimming. A storming downwind leg put Neil Sanders (RS700) back into contention taking hundreds of metres out of Bailey and Evans. With the 49er already at the final downwind mark, Evans rounded the top for the last time and hooked into the gust of the day, maxing out boat speed for much of the final downwind. This helping hand was not enough though and Munro/Cobb took out the second race on corrected time by a comfortable 25 second margin..

While we waited for the wind to settle for Race 3, it became apparent that the 29er was losing the critical ability to float, and was barely above water when turned turtle. That was the end of the day for Matt and Alex. Evans easily crossed Bailey and Sanders on port from the pin end and led for the rest of the race and to take the series win. Bailey and Sanders were close until Bailey hooked his tack line under the bow leading to a series of horrendous kite problems.

Great work by Matt/Alex, Alex/Will, hope you had a great time. The regular skiff sailors all enjoyed sailing with you and look forward to you joining us in the club racing and Sail Akarana regattas. It would be fantastic to see some more 29ers and 49ers race with the skiff fleet.

Skiff Fleet Results

1st – Russ Evans (Musto Skiff)

2nd – Neil Sanders (RS700)

3rd – Matt Bailey (Musto Skiff)

4th – Alex Munro / Will Cobb (49er)

5th – Matt Morgan / Alex Wotton (29er)

6th – Shaun & Eileen Gilder (RS800)

7th – Neil McCullum (RS700)

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