YNZ Level Two Judges Seminar, 12th/13th September

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YNZ Level Two Judges Seminar, 12th/13th September

RAYC is hosting a Yachting NZ Level 2 National Judging seminar on the 12th/13th September, for any RAYC who may be interested in attending. The seminar is free to attend.

These seminars fulfil the requirements for those wishing to qualify as National or Club Judge. For those who wish to take the test to gain Club/ National Judge status, there is an opportunity during the seminar. It will be facilitated by Russell Green, International Judge.

Checking out these seminars is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge of the rules, and maybe a little understanding of how hard it can be for a Judge to make a decision on the water. The better you understand the way a Judge’s mind works, the easier it will be to avoid the business end of a red flag!

Topics covered during the course include:
• Event preparation
• Protest Administration
• Protest hearings techniques
• Rule 42 and Appendix P
• Redress Hearings
• Arbitration
• Rule 69 Hearings
• Requirements to qualify as a Club Judge, National Judge, International Judge

Please register your interest online here.

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