Yates Cup: Expedition Coppelia’s second close call!

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Yates Cup: Expedition Coppelia’s second close call!

We rounded Cuvier in daylight, after a tasty beef stog, a real cooked meal I might add not freeze dry this time. We sailed under my fav. sail the JT till Arid Island, in lightening breeze, Midnight Express and Atamai ahead, Promise defending champion behind. The wind went up and down and so did our fortunes. Zero up. Zero down, then finally the big jib, which we held all the way to the Knights. We crossed a head of Midnight Express just before dawn.

Predict wind showed a right hand shift, and waited and tacked on to it, putting 1 mile on to ME, and as they did not lay 3 nm by the rounding. They are now running low under a massive kite, while we are heading at Whangeri Heads under zero. In the next little while there is a transition to a more westerly breeze, the quickest way to the new breeze is in shore so that is where we are heading.

Having 50% more crew, i.e 3, means more hands on the foredeck, better meals and this morning I even had a sleep out of my wet gear.

Sally Garrett
Expedition Coppelia

Photo: Close enough for ya?!


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