Whatever you do, don’t Google “Cut Foot”

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Whatever you do, don’t Google “Cut Foot”

Seriously… Don’t do it.

I did, because I needed an image to help get the message across that shoes should definitely be worn when launching and retrieving on the ramp.

I know you’re thinking about googling “cut foot”, but I really wouldn’t if I were you. Honestly, I almost vomited.

So to ensure that you don’t get injured, the RAYC General Committee and Management highly recommend that footwear be worn for all activities involving launching and retrieving on the ramp.

Oyster shells constantly use the ramp to call home, and although the area gets cleaned, oysters will always be present.

Oyster shell cuts can lead to ongoing issues and serious infections. Wearing shoes can eliminate the impact of an injury.

So next time you head to the ramp – please wear shoes.

The only oyster shells that should ever touch your skin, are those that you are holding just before you eat the tasty morsel inside.

Be smart. Wear shoes.


Oysters – nasty or sexy. It’s up to you! Photo: http://www.express.co.uk

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