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We save lives!

Did you know that Royal Akarana Yacht Club is the only facility on The Landing that has a defibrillator?

The defibrillator, which is located on the wall next to the mounted TV in the corner of the Mermaid Lounge, was installed at the club two years ago at a cost of approximately $2,500.  It is serviced and checked annually by Heart Saver New Zealand at a cost of $400.

It’s the best investment we have ever made.

The defib is located next to the TV in the Mermaid Lounge and is serviced annually

The defib is located next to the TV in the Mermaid Lounge and is serviced annually

Last Thursday, an 80-year-old man collapsed at the bottom of the stairs at The Landing building across the car park from the club.  He had no pulse.

Rachael Dodwell, who assists with the Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust as well as other general duties for the club, is a qualified life guard and has a current First Aid Level 1 and 2.  Rachael was going about her daily routine when a member of the public came rushing in.

“When the guy came into the club he said that someone was having a heart attack in the car park and asked if we had a defibrillator. I knew we had one so rushed to get it.  I handed it to him and we both ran back to the scene.  There was another member of the public doing compressions on the patient and we put the defib together and it started doing its thing.  The ambulance, fire and first response turned up within about 3 minutes.  They took over and opened up his airway,” said Rachael.

His heart had stopped.  The defibrillator at RAYC saved his life.

The paramedics said that Rachael’s actions were “crucial factors that led to the man being revived.”

On Monday afternoon we received a report that the patient had woken up and was in a stable condition.

Royal Akarana Yacht Club is a founding partner of the Hyundai Marine Sports Center, which is committed to providing a safe environment for the community.  In addition to several first aid kits, we also have a spinal board and neck brace available in case of serious accidents.

NZ Herald Article regarding the incident


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