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Update from Travemunde

Guten Tag (As you can see my German is flowing)!

All good in Travemunde, the weather was better today so we walked for miles.
Its a pretty cool town with lots going on down by the sea. Typical European stuff with loungers for hire etc but no one is on the beach yet, also because you have to pay to swim!

Its good to be here early as there are not a lot of people here yet. They are building marques for miles up and down the boardwalk, so they are gearing up for a lot of people, the website boasts about 1 million come to the regatta!
I think this will blow the boys minds when they see all the people next week.

Eli, Hamish and Henry gazing wistfully at the sailing area at Travemunde

Eli, Hamish and Henry gazing wistfully at the sailing area at Travemunde

We found the Feva area which is unfortunately a 4.5 km walk from the house, hopefully the chase boat is parked closer or we will need to hire a car or get a taxi to the regatta area, it’s too far to walk with gear. I walked the boys for miles today so they should sleep well tonight!

There are no Feva people here yet but I met the race organiser and they think our contact for the Feva’s arrives tonight from England with boats.
We will go and meet them tomorrow at 10am to see if we can get our hands on some boats.

The sailing area is awesome, pretty much like a massive lake and is not tidal. There was zero breeze this morning and a light sea breeze in the afternoon, but they are expecting sunshine and a westerly breeze for the rest of the week.

The boys all seem in good form, we have eaten out the last couple of nights which has been great and is not too expensive, Travemunde seems pretty reasonable cost-wise for Europe. Everyone slept well last night and they should sleep well tonight.

The boys have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rose! Chris thinks they should arrive about midnight tonight, this could disrupt sleeping boys!


Wednesday 15th July

Hi All

Big progress on day three, we welcomed Chris and Rose at midnight, the boys slept through the whole thing, but there was much excitement in the morning.

Daily stroll to the waterfront and a well deserved coffee break, we sent the team off to check on progress at the boat park and they returned with much excitement, there were boats being rigged.

We met the organisers and all went well, they were pretty chuffed the team had come from NZ. We were allocated two new boats with new sails, hooray!! Even shiny new pink gennakers. The team set about checking all the rigging and finishing off for the organisers. They also spent a lot of time checking out the guys next to us, some Brits who were 10th last year. We picked up some tips and have a few sneaky mods to do to the boats during the week.

The team checking out their boats, making sure they are all up to spec!

The team checking out their boats, making sure they are all up to spec!

Then the moment finally came and they set off for a 2.5 hr session on the water. The water is about summer NZ temp and the wind was light but it was a great first hit out for the teams. Boats seem to be good and we have a few improvements to add tomorrow.

Came off the water about 5.30pm, stopped in for dinner on the way home. Boys now looking a bit tired, as am I!


Thursday 16th July

We woke to a bit of overcast weather today and what looked like a 12 – 15 knt day. Headed down to the park to rig up and head out, Chris was sorting out the chase boat. By 10.30 breeze was dropping and the sun was starting to burn off the cloud. The team got in a good 2.5 hr session and came in for lunch.

Eli & Rose Sailing (Small)

Eli and Rose getting a bit of training under their belts at Travemunde!

Team GBR have arrived and we think they may rate their chances to do well. They have a couple of teams that look like they know what they are doing but so far that is only a boat park assessment!

Afternoon Chris arrived with chase boat so we headed out for another on the water session with Coach Chris. By this stage it was very light and tricky wind conditions so great training. Another 2.5 hr session had the team looking hot and tired. We marched back to town for Pizza and refreshments.

Hamish and Henry enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere

Hamish and Henry enjoying summer in the Northern Hemisphere

All in all another great HOT day mid 20c in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is registration day and we need to finish off a few rigging jobs (serious boat pimping!!!)

Wait till Nationals next year we know all the tricks now!


– Scott McLaren

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    Great job on the blog Scott. All the best for Sunday’s racing.

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