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Tracking down some trophies

Part of the work of the Archives is to document our trophies and cups.

Volunteer Wendy, with help from husband Fred Price, has been trying to find them all and we wondered if anyone could throw a light on the whereabouts of the following:

  • Auckland Centennial Trophy (mug presented in 1978)
  • 2-handed Trophy (shield)
  • Fletcher Challenge Cup (presented 1997, Denerau)
  • Flying 15 Handicap Trophy (spiral metal)
  • Icebreaker Trophy (tankard last presented 1989)
  • Lynette Eade Trophy (metal yacht on wood)
  • RAYC Mikasa Bowl (rose Bowl presented last in 1984)
  • Mantrack Cup for Farr 727 Nationals (silver cup)
  • D & CA Wilson M Class Cup (silver)
  • Logan Memorial Miniature (silver cup)
  • RAYC Past Commodores’ Cup, Annual Competition (silver)
  • Secretary’s Trophy (wooden)
  • RAYC Temptation Trophy, Ladies Winter Races (wooden)

Any help would be appreciated.  Please contact Marian Harkness, (09) 524-4968 or

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