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The RAYC Honours Board

Do you know the history of our big Honours Board that presently hangs in the Mermaid Lounge at the Club?  It was designed and carved by Mr. E. Daniels and records the Club’s major events since its inception as the North Shore Sailing Club in 1895.  Space was left for future events and the names of new Commodores and the board was put in position in 1970.

It records outstanding yachts including Hinemoa which won the Club’s first race in 1895.  Also noted is Togo which was a speedboat in the shape of a Walt Disney shark.  It sped at 22 knots – the fastest vessel on the harbour in 1904.  More recently featured is Marco Polo which was sailed by Tony Armit and Brian Loe.  In 1957 they became the first New Zealanders to circumnavigate the world.

The Honours Board as at September 2015

Because the size of the board makes it difficult to wrap and put in storage we are planning to find a temporary site at the Auckland Sailing Club whilst the new building is erected.  It will also be on show so that members can check on any new additions.

For more information or if you have any photos, stories or memorabilia of the Club please contact Marian Harkness on 524-4968 or at

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