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The Junior Offshore Group

Some of us may have heard of J.O.G. (The Junior Offshore Group) but did you know when the group was formed and why?

The Club held a White Island Race over Anniversary weekend in 1969 but at least two yachts, which were the smallest, were becalmed and finished long after the larger yachts. One of those yachts was Fidelity owned and skippered by Ken Searle.

Skippers asked the Club if they could put on shorter races for the smaller yachts, i.e. under 30ft, so JOG was formed. They held an Inaugural JOG rally at Kawau over Christmas 1969. It was the JOG that inspired the New Zealand ½ ton and the ¼ ton Cup Contests. The late Sir Peter Blake was a keen JOG competitor with his yacht Bandit.

NB: Ken Searle is nearly 91 years of age and has just written his autobiography for the Archives. This and other past members biographies have been compiled by the Archives Team for you to view in the new Clubhouse. If you have any information to pass to the team please contact Marian Harkness on 09-431-6332 or at

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