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Thank You Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week, which is a pretty good reason to thank all of our amazing volunteers!

At the 2014/2015 Prize Giving, Marian Harkness was awarded the trophy for Volunteer of the Year for all her tireless work leading the Archives Team who are cataloging our historical data. Marian and her team are just a handful of volunteers at RAYC.  We also have the ladies who help set up for parties such as the Christmas do and volunteers who pop down just to make sure everything is ok.

Then we have our on water volunteers.  The hours that Fred Price, Rob Heath, Rory Fogerty, Bruce Middleton, Helena Horswell, Janet Watkins and Dale Park, just to name few, have put into race management work is more than appreciated.

Our committees are also volunteers.  Flag Officers Nathan Bonney (Commodore), Sally Garrett (Vice) and Leigh Miller (Rear) make sure the club keeps ticking with the support of General Committee, Sailing and House.

Now we have an influx of new volunteers with the parents of our youth fleet putting their hands up to get involved.

So thank you to all our amazing volunteers.  Thank you for being on the shore, on the water and in our hearts.  You are proud members of RAYC and we are lucky to have your support.

Next time you see a volunteer at the club, make sure you give them a wink, a hand shake or a pat on the back. We would be lost without them.

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