Team Menace Third in CYCA Spring Regatta

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Team Menace Third in CYCA Spring Regatta

Check out this colourful update from Menace Yachting from their recent trip to Sydney where they finished third in the MC38 Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Spring Regatta!

“So, while the Auckland team sweated away getting our beloved piano’s (emmies) ready to sail for another summer of fun, some of us were off playing on the big Menace at the spring regatta at the CYCA in Sydney.

We were a little scratchy, not the bottom of the boat, ahem, ’twas the crew with three fresh faces, bow, pit and runners. The first race was to be the defining one of the regatta. We thought we did ok, second over the line and the cobwebs removed. But…

After a special amendment and making a big deal of changing the colour of the marks in the briefing so ‘they would be different from any other club racing that day’ another club came and placed a mark exactly the same in perfect alignment with our bottom gate!!!

Now why the Committee didn’t get on the radio (which they are on all day in Aus, ‘mark boat, pin boat, start boat’ dingo bongo boingo) and get the other club to move it or send one of their two chase boats over to get them to move it or let the fleet know, is beyond us!

Anyway, sailing downwind you can’t see much on these boats and yep the boats who were in a heated battle for 1, 2 & 3 rounded the wrong one. Still can’t figure out why the committee finished us when they knew we sailed the wrong course. So did some others but they saw it and went back.

We had no idea until we hit the dock and us along with Dark Star and Assassin received a DSQ or DNF, or 9 points!!!! The protest and appeal all held before we hit the dock? A killer score in this fleet, 9!!!

So we had a big dig from there! The rest of the day was also scratchy, 3, 5, 4, and we were tied and 4th overall. It was however a great day on Sydney harbour, lots of shifts and even more traffic and a Island in the middle of our windward leeward. ?

Great racing with 8 boats! Rum still tasted good that night!

Day two was better finishing off with 2,1,1 and with the last race highlighting Ray’s special connection to Huey, sending us very much the right way! We literally drifted over the line… Boat of the day, small consolation.

Back on the podium, better than not being there. Once again the racing was awesome and big congrats to Ginger who beat us again and Maserati for their 2nd. CYCA team was great and hope we can race there again!

Very much looking forward to the next regatta, disappointed it clashes with our first Emmy race for the femmy trophy!!!! ☹️

Update done, stand by for next one when we have the team racing on both sides of the Tasman, how’s that for the love of yacht racing, commitment or committable?”

Menace Yachting

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