SSANZ RNI: Leg 1 Results

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SSANZ RNI: Leg 1 Results

Leg 1 of the SSANZ Round North Island Race is done and the RAYC boats had a great leg!

Here are the results for our boats:

Division 1

Celadon (Richard & Robbie McAlister)
3rd PHRF / 5th Line

Miss Scarlett (William Goodfellow with Graeme Wilson)
5th PHRF / 2nd Line

Division 2

Provincial Cowboy (Simon Manning with Nathan Williams)
1st PHRF / 1st Line

Krakatoa II (Matthew Woodley with Matthew Flynn)
2nd PHRF / 2nd Line

Division 4

Pahi (Mark Taylor & Mike Smith)
3rd PHRF / 2nd Line

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