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Sailors Take Notice Now! Gold Cup Passage Series


Open to all yacht clubs this is Auckland’s premier gulf racing series, and its run jointly by Richmond Yacht Club, Bucklands Beach Yacht Club, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Royal Akarana Yacht Club.

First race is 20th September.  There five races with four of them around 40NM, culminating of course with the legendary Balokovic Cup which is 87nm on the 20th   February.

Any keelboat sailor with any self respect seriously needs this event stamped in their diary!

It will naturally attract the biggest, newest and fastest yachts in Auckland.  It will also attract the every other yachtie that dreams of racing beyond the harbour limits.

Getting out of the harbour and around some islands will give everyone the opportunity to “stretch their legs”, check their tactics on the longer legs, and maybe take a healthy look at the chart to avoid finding something by brail! The Balokovic is a true classic, with legs up to 30nm, and an evening (18:30) start it will test navigation, tactics and crew motivation.

With prizes for both PHRF and IRC any consistently well sailed yacht will have a chance at glory.

Here is the key:

In any mixed fleet there will be conditions on the day that will suit some more than others, that’s the game we play!

REMEMBER: Any boat that is consistently sail well and often, will feature in the results.

NEVER GIVE UP: Handicap result placings are often separated by seconds, even when it doesn’t seem like your day NEVER GIVE UP!

Regardless of the results this event is worth doing because its just good yachting and just competing is worthy of respect.

Success in yachting is about more than just who holds the cup at the end of the day…


Rob, the author, has together with longtime sailing partner Sally raced his aging Farr 11.6 Expedition Coppelia in just about every coastal/longer race going, because it’s a bloody satisfying thing to do! ref:

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