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Home/All News, Auckland to Gisborne/ partners with RAYC for the Auckland to Gisborne Race partners with RAYC for the Auckland to Gisborne Race partners with Royal Akarana Yacht Club to bring the virtual Auckland to Gisborne Race 2015 to bring the virtual Auckland to Gisborne Race 2015 to armchair sailing navigation enthusiasts around the world.

Race start time: Thursday 26th November 2015 at 09:00 NZDT
(20:00 UTC on Wednesday 25th November) is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Royal Akarana Yacht Club again, this time to bring the virtual version of the 300 nautical mile Auckland to Gisborne Race right to your fingertips (or mouse!).

The virtual race on Sailonline will run at the same time and use the same course as the real race allowing armchair sailors to sail against the actual boats in the race with weather downloaded from NOAA being as close as possible to that experienced by the real fleet.

Originally created in the Naval Architecture Department of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden – today is probably the most realistic sailing navigation simulator game on the internet, providing a realistic, entertaining and educational platform for those who love the sea and sailing, wherever they may be around the globe.

As a strategy simulator for ocean navigation, Sailonline is free to play and yet challenges both the novice and the expert, letting you sail your boat over oceans around the globe easier than you can imagine. But, as in real life, in order to sail fast and to ultimately win races, it requires full dedication, extensive practice, knowledge and working skills. There is a full and complete manual on how to sail on Sailonline to guide you, and the community of SOLers (one who sails on are always willing to advise and offer assistance.

Luckily, there are autopilots installed in all boats so that you do not need to steer manually all the time but just as in reality, the more attention you pay to adjusting your course the better you will do. You are in full sight of the entire virtual fleet, hence, Sailonline lets you race the boats you otherwise would just see from a distance or not at all.

For the Auckland to Gisborne Race, Sailonline is using the polar of a First 44.7 so as to fit into the range of the fleet length requiement of 30 to 60 feet.

When entries closed, 7 yachts had confirmed that they will be making the trip and they range in size from the 10.5 metre “Truxton” to “Ran Tan II” and “V5” at just over 15 metres.

An interesting requirement for yachts entered in the race is an out of water hull wash.

Unfortunately, Auckland is home to Fan Worm, and as a biosecurity measure, and local Gisborne bylaw, all boats need to be cleared of the parasite before racing.

The virtual Auckland to Gisborne Race on is now open for registration and practice. Those new to Sailonline will find a helpfull and friendly community ready and willing to answer any questions.

To race, armchair navigators should head to – it’s all free.

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