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Hardstand Storage

  • Overview: We have access to The Landing hardstand spaces which are available at the front of the area and around the building.
  • Requirements: Senior, Joint, Family, Student or Veteran Membership
  • Cost: Dependent on class
  • Inclusions: Summer Series, Winter Series, Sail Akarana
  • Conditions: Active club sailors only

Skipper / Crew / Boat Details

Do you have a current Third Party Liability Insurance? Please note: You ARE required to have this for your application to be successful


If you fall short of the 5 points required, please provide details that may assist with your application

Terms & Conditions

If your application is accepted, you must adhere to these terms and conditions. Please acknowledge for your application to be processed.

Surf Ski Storage

  • Overview: Over 80 secure spaces.
  • Requirements: Senior, Joint, Family or Veteran Membership
  • Cost: $300 per membership year (shed key $30 – one off or replacement cost)

The purpose for storage at RAYC is to facilitate the water based sports, training, education and training activities of the club.


  1. To be eligible for storage you must be a current financial member of Royal Akarana Yacht Club.
  2. Any person requiring storage must apply to RAYC Management and it is at their total discretion to allocate or terminate storage at any time.
  3. Storage spaces must be applied for annually and existing users will have first right of refusal.

Storage Priorities

Priority use of storage will be:

  1. Safety and rescue boats and equipment owned and used by the club to run events.
  2. Training boats, skis, ribs and equipment used by the club for club and academy activity
  3. Boats, skis and equipment available for group use by several members at a time.
  4. Boats belonging to active members of the club that are regularly participating and supporting the club either on or off the water (preferably both


  1. Payment for all storage is required in advance.
  2. Annual storage starts 1st September and expires on the 31st August the following year.

Cancellation, Termination or Resignation of Membership

  1. All items must be removed within three (3) days of cancellation, termination or resignation of membership.
  2. Items not removed within seven (7) days of cancellation, termination or resignation will result in the item will be locked and will require a $150 unlocking fee payable before unlocking.
  3. Unidentified items will locked and will require a $150 unlocking fee payable before unlocking.
  4. If the item has not been removed within 21 days of cancellation, termination or resignation, RAYC shall be entitled to sell the item(s) by auction or otherwise. The proceeds of sale shall be applied to all expenses of detainment (including the unlocking fee) and sale resulting from the members breach and any other monies that may be owed to RAYC. The balance, if any, shall be returned to the member.
  5. All keys must be returned to RAYC upon cancellation, termination or resignation.


  1. Items stored are at the owners risk and RAYC is not responsible for any loss or damage.


  1. Insurance of items stored is the sole responsibility of the owner.
  2. Third party insurance is required for all boats on the hardstand – proof of insurance is required


  1. As the activities of the club evolve, the spaces being used may have to be relocated.  Normally the member will receive one month notice.
  2. All members are required to act with care and responsibility in protecting and respecting other member’s assets.
  3. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Agreement of Terms and Conditions

Any person with Surf Ski rack storage automatically agrees to these terms and conditions.

Document Updated: 15 January 2015

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Please Note: We do not have storage for kayaks, sea canoes, waka or SUP