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RAYC and her Classic Yachts

In 2012 Heritage New Zealand published an article entitled “Leading Ladies, restored classic beauties represent the best of early New Zealand boat building”.  Featured are the 76ft , Waitangi; the Logan built 73ft Thelma; the Frances, built in 1906.  Most of these yachts competed in Akarana races (or the precursor Clubs).

The Protect Objects Act of 1975 classifies New Zealand classic yachts as protected objects and it is illegal to export them.  When Waitangi was in danger of being sold to Europe, a team got together to acquire her and founded the Classic Yacht Charitable Trust so they could apply for funding.  The team included boat builder and RAYC member Max Carter and ex RAYC member and 1985 Commodore Bruce Tantrum.  Yachting historian and ex RAYC member Harold Kidd researches the original configuration of each yacht.

Waitangi, built to win (and did) the NZ First Class Championship in 1895, is shown passing Bean Rock.

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