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You never know what’s going to happen when you work at Akarana! This week we had a surprise wash up on our shores. Who has heard of a Radiosonde? Is it something for a VHF radio? I know I had no idea what a Radiosonde was until one happened to wash ashore this week.

While Rachel from the office was outside this week she spotted an object on the high tide line. Upon closer examination we discovered it was a scientific tool used by Metservice for observing atmospheric conditions. Metservice launches these instruments into the air attached to a balloon and it relays data back to a ground station for Metservice Meteorologists to analyse.

2015-09-02 17.30.24 (Small)

Upon ringing the number on the back of the Radiosonde, I was sent a bunch of information about the particular Radiosonde that we had found.

  • It was launched from Whenuapai airbase on August 8th at 10.50pm
  • It’s flight lasted a total of 92 minutes and it reached a height of 27,014m
  • On it’s flight, the coldest temperature it recorded was -57.7 celsius at 10,000m
  • The strongest wind recorded was 89km/h at 14,500m
  • It landed at 36°41’5.28”S 175°9’33.19”E which is North of Waiheke

Screenshot 2015-09-02 17.40.06

Like we keep on saying, something is always happening at Akarana!

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