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Outward Bound

The 1985/96 Whitbread race featured a 50ft yacht, designed by Laurie Davidson and built and skippered by the owner Digby Taylor. Davidson wasn’t happy about the so called “shoestring nature of the project” and objected to Taylor’s insistence on a fractional rig rather than the masthead rig specified by Davidson. In spite of this Outward Bound took the Small Boat honours. Taylor was an RAYC member and the Club celebrated with a race when every yacht had to include a celebrity among the crew. But Taylor didn’t skipper his own boat. When offered a 25ft trailer-sailer by Archivist Marian Harkness and told there was only one main, one jib and no spinnaker he replied: “I’ve never sailed a boat with less than a sail wardrobe of 24 sails”!

Here is a picture of the front cover of Digby’s book “Outward Bound”. We have a copy opf his book in the Archive library.

If you have any memorabilia, books, press cuttings, etc or if you have time to help with the Archives please contact Marian Harkness, (09) 524-4968 or calimex@clear.net.nz

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