North Shore Yacht Club Annual Picnic circa 1911

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North Shore Yacht Club Annual Picnic circa 1911

Right up until a few years ago, RAYC had an annual picnic with beach races for the children. Here is the picnic programme for one held by the North Shore Yacht Club which is what this Club was called in 1911. As you see the Challenge race was deleted. The Committee meeting of 17 January proposed that the “Programme of events be as previous picnic.” The Minutes were beautifully handwritten in copperplate style.

In recent years RAYC used to sail to one of the islands, like Motuihe and have a picnic with races on the beach for the children as well as a tug-of-war for the adults.

The Archives team applauds the new Pahi Tere magazine which revives the original magazine of the Club. A copy of all past magazines have been saved and documented for Club Members. Thanks to Suellen for the time and effort she has committed to reviving this publication.

Pahi Tere

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