Menace finishes second at MC38 Pittwater Regatta

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Menace finishes second at MC38 Pittwater Regatta

The fleet is never huge on numbers (there are only a handful of boats in the southern hemisphere), but the competition is fierce and this weekend six of the one design MC38 weapons raced in fluky light conditions on the waters of Pittwater north of Sydney.

It’s no secret that RAYC has a favourite MC38. Menace Yachting is the only Kiwi entrant, and they represent they represent us!!!

At the MC38 Pittwater Regatta, Menace finished second behind Leslie Green and his Ginger crew who are always a forced to be reckoned with.

“We gave ourselves every chance to win, but it’s called yachting and some times despite your best efforts the dice don’t roll your way, however full credit to Leslie and his team, who gave themselves the same chance to win and took away the trophy… Well done!” said Menace skipper Howard Spencer.

“Once again this class proves that it is awesome awesome racing, it came down to the last race, not our way this time but we live to fight another day!!! Bring on the finale at the RSYS!!!!”

1st Ginger Leslie Green 14 points
2nd Menace Howard Spencer 16 points
3rd Dark Star John Bacon 23 points
4th Hooligan Chris Dawson 28 points
5th Assassin Clare Crawford 30 points
6th Vino Chris Hancock 37 points

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