Menace steams ahead as Matara crumbles

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Menace steams ahead as Matara crumbles

The forecast was for 15-20 knots from the NW with a large incoming tide, and that’s what the fleet received when they hit the water for the penultimate day of Emmy racing for 2018.

The fleet had a pre-race settler at the briefing, with Menace being reminded a few times of the course and where to finish based on their unpredicted result in Race 1 on Sunday 25th November.

Out on the track the race committee tried to throw Menace further off balance with a change in course!

“Quick, where is the course sheet!!!”

Mach One, enjoying the warmth of the sun and northerly decided they would test the waters and went for a capsized swim before the warning. They managed to recover, but never dried off.

Race 1

At the five minute gun, the adult beverages were popped as per the unofficial class rule. All four Emmies saw the boat end favoured and thinking the others would misjudge the tide, Menace thought they might sneak in late but got squeezed out by a gleeful Matara and had to execute a (tidy) 360 and be a tight second row behind Marksman and Matara with Mach One well to leeward.

Menace and Mach One tacked to the right and somehow that worked and both were back amongst it. A solid tangle up the beat with Matara & Menace trading blows and second place. Marksman using her clear air to clear out at the top mark, de ja vu from last week, saw that when to pop the chute was the key call on the leg to Bean Rock.

Matara & Menace, still trading blows with Matara too focused on the fight, yelling at Menace forgot a chute would be required.

But once the chutes were popped, it was all on.

Menace with the better gybe, settled best into the reach to Orakei and snuck into the lead. Marksman hot on her heels. Menace had a solid beat and with a clean hoist cleared out to finish correctly and take the gun.

There was an attempted capsize competition by the rest of the fleet on their hoists but the all saved themselves and finished as they rounded Marksman, Matara, Mach One.

Race 1 Results
1st – Menace
2nd – Marksman
3rd – Matara
4th – Mach One

Race 2

The race committee wasted no time in putting the fleet back into sequence, so much so that most boats missed it which could have resulted in a fleet DSQ for lack of adherence to the 5 minute rule.

Marksman, Mach One and Menace where all roughly on time, Matara however was about 300m to weather.

A more orderly beat ensued, for Menace anyway, and they rounded in the lead with Marksman and Mach One trailing behind. Matara was forced to withdraw due to damage, and after a shortened course was singled, the fleet finished as per their mark one rounding.

Race 2 Results
1st – Menace
2nd – Marksman
3rd – Mach One
DNF – Matara

It was a cracking day as the breeze built, almost a copy of the week before, other than the tide which was flooding in rather that out. The wind and water was noticeably warmer, the guys who got the chutes up and under control and all agreed it was the best slide of the season to date.

Quotes of the Day

Menace – Shout out to Bex H on the bow who did a sterling job in the conditions!

Matara – We lost our #1 skipper. If found, please return to Matara.

Mach One – A pity Suellen isn’t here, she would really like this”

Marksman – Shout out to Peter the RO. Great effort changing the course in Race 1 and shortening. But where’s Munders???

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