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M-Class Race Report – Patience is a virtue

Sometimes sailing can be a struggle. Especially when it takes a solid 30 minutes to cross the start line. You can see a teeny tiny breeze line filling in with the hope of propulsion attached, however as it fades away just moments from hitting your bow, despair is the only delivery.

Frustration levels are on the increase, but as the race continues one must be open minded with the will to continue.

The top mark seems like miles away, but in reality is just a whisker and a gust in reach. This was the feeling on board one M-Class on Sunday 17th March.

The forecast was light, we all knew that. The tide was incoming, with the one knot of breeze forcing the fleet to push against it. While the start may have been in Matara’s favour, it was they who struggled with the conditions. While the decision making processes on board were solid, it wasn’t enough to propel the team forward, and while Matara looked to have a solid lead the dreams of a victory were dashed as Marksman, Monsoon and Menace casually caught a silent gust which pushed them towards the top mark in style.

As they rounded the first turning mark, and as such finally gaining the advantage of the tide, Matara was sucked into oblivion, and the toys were well and truly tossed overboard. With the leading boats now a solid 200m ahead, Matara finally rounded the Bastion mark and was on the same course, albeit with a kite set, while the others were going upwind.


A very strange situation to see. For a moment Matara’s hopes were restored, however a shortened course at Torpedo dashed their dreams, and it was all about Menace, Monsoon and Marksman, who took the podium places. Monsoon gets a very special mention for having their best race of the series to-date finishing second across the line.

Lesson? Never give up.

With the breeze nearly settling a new race was signalled. This time Matara was determined to make things right and put the hammer down from the start of the race. Thankfully for everyone’e patience levels, there was just enough breeze to keep everyone going, with the race eventually coming to an end as Matara crossed for the gun, followed by Menace, Marksman and Monsoon.

The final Akarana Series M-Class race is on Sunday 31st March and the final race of the season is on Saturday 6th April, when the fleet competes for Arch Logan Memorial glory. It will all come down to that one crucial race… Watch this space.

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