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Introducing “The Tuesday Club”

RAYC are excited to share a new initiative! Introducing the THE TUESDAY CLUB

Kicking off on Tuesday 25th February from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, The Tuesday Club will run on the last Tuesday of every month and everyone is welcome to join in.

So what is The Tuesday Club?

Nic Finlayson, Marine Sports Manager at RAYC explains.

“Think of this as an open shed environment for everyone. Guests will bring knowledge and expertise in a huge range of categories. This is NOT a men’s only shed. This is for all club members and their friends and family to learn, share, participate, or just sit back and watch some serious and not so serious skills being shared relating to the marine industry. This is a hands on, get involved, practical series of evenings.

“We want to demystify weather, boat, mechanical, sea, and racing knowledge (among so much more) and make sure all questions – those questions you never asked for fear of being shut down – are easily asked in an open environment.

“Imagine popping down to the shed to hear someone explain in simple terms, the difference between a high pressure system and a low. Which way does the wind go? Why does it stop, then start again from another direction. These may seem fundamental to many, but it’s not as ‘shared’ as you might think, so let’s talk it through!

The Tuesday Club skill sessions may include; outboard engine maintenance, rope work, welding, rigging, simple framing and construction, backing a trailer, engine 101, fibreglass, boat work, sail repair, VHF skills, sea based first aid. The Tuesday Club will also take a trip down to a member’s yacht or launch and have a nuts and bolts walk through.

Contact Nic with your ideas about what you’d like to bring or see on the workbench. Our new facility at the Hyundai Marine Sports Centre has an awesome boat shed, and we want everyone to use it.

Come down, get involved, the schedule of each night will be available soon. Starting with a very special guest!


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