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Introducing Isaac & Trent

We Are Isaac Mchardie and Trent Rippey, currently sailing the 49er class (the same boat as Peter Burling and Blair Tuke), in an Olympic campaign with the goal of the 2020 Olympic Games.

After moving to Auckland from Tauranga and Hamilton we quickly decided that Akarana was to be our new training base. We joined up and very luckily we had a spot to leave the 49er thus making training a whole heap easier

We train 5 days a week so you can imagine not having to rig and derig the boat each time we sail is a huge help.

Since joining up at the club in November training has been going strong. We have had the privilege of being coached by the best coaches in New Zealand and the world. People like Dave Robertson, Dan Slater, Andrew Brown, Jez Franstone, just a name of few. With the help of these coaches we are able to fast track our knowledge and skills which will help prepare us for our first international event in November, the 49er South American Championships, closely followed by the 49er World Championships.

For us moving forward we will carry on training through the icy conditions of winter and will keep improving our skills to give us the best shot of achieving our goals for this year.

The club has been great we are very thankful that we are able to use the facilities for briefings and debriefing, helps hugely when we analysis video from past sessions. Also great when the lovely office ladies make great coffees to warm up after a long day!

Kind Regards,

Trent And Isaac.

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