Internal Demo begins

Internal Demo begins

The internal demolition of the club has begun!

A dedicated team of volunteers have been busy over the past week moving doors, cabinets and even the floor in the Hyundai M-Class Lounge.


A fence will soon be erected around the club and at this time our access will end, so it’s been vital for us to get as much stuff out as possible.

Materials from the club will be repurposed for the new Hyundai Marine Sports Centre as well as being used to create trophies and memorabilia.

A huge thank you to all those who have assisted with this process:

Commodore Sally Garrett
Vice Commodore Steve Delahunty
Club Captain Mark Taylor
Steve Cranch
Steve Delahunty
Helena Horswell
Peter Macartney
Sean Donaldson
Jenny Price
Fred Price
Rob Heath
Chris Field
Cam Maher
Leigh Miller
David McIntyre
Neil Easton
Baden Pascoe
Isaac McHardie
William McKenzie
Ben & Jenny from the UK (who are travelling NZ on their bikes!)

Also thanks to our staff who have volunteered outside of work hours to get the job done.

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