Honda Marine reclaims the 18′ Skiff NZL Championship title

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Honda Marine reclaims the 18′ Skiff NZL Championship title

After two breezy days on the Waitemata Harbour and some five furious races, Honda Marine takes the title for 2020.

Day 1 consisted of three windward/leeward races in 18-23 knots of breeze. Honda Marine took a commanding lead in the first race followed by C-Tech and Maersk Line. Close racing between Maersk Line and C-Tech throughout the three laps and after C-Tech went for a swim Maersk Line  was able to secure second place.

The second and third races where two lappers and showed that Maersk Line needs to work on their starts a bit more as they where a couple seconds late on the giving Honda Marine and C-Tech an extra couple lengths that they managed to hold till the finish.

Day 2 and more breezy breeze across the race course. The first race of the day was in 18/25 knots SSW with a slight sea state. Maersk Line, having a close call pre-start with a big wipe out due to a snapping a trap hook and while they sustained some damage to the boat, and had a wee injury, they made it to the start line using a bowline as a trap hook for the team skipper Peron Pearse. a

The race was “fun and wild” including a fast bumpy two sail reach with most boats hitting 20-23 knots of boat speed.

Honda Marine showed world class again taking the lead by 40 seconds and there was a good battle between Maersk Line and C-Tech unfolding in the background.

Race five was another close one with conditions and sea state winding back to make a more settled race. There were some tricky shifts to read coming out of Mechanics Bay with some lulls of 13 knots followed by puffs of 22 knots. Everyone was on their toes!

Once again, Maersk Line and C-Tech had a good tussle with Honda Marine sailing off into the sunset. Unfortunately for C-Tech, they threw in a bad gybe at North Head which gave Maersk Line the upper hand.

But there were more than just three skiffs racing. Newcomers ASCC had a tricky weekend trying to tame the 18 in some windy conditions but managed to get around the course with limited swims. It was great to see a new crew out on the race course.

All in all it was a great weekend for the 18′ Skiffs and Honda Marine have claimed back their Kiwi Championship status.


1st – Honda Marine
2nd – C-Tech
3rd – Maersk Line
4th – ASCC

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