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Eight Bells, Mollie Whiting

We were sad to be advised of the passing of Mollie Whiting, widow of D’Arcy and mother of Penny, Debbie, Tony, Grant and the late Paul, and a grandmother and great-grandmother.

A service for Molly will be held on Saturday 12 November at 1.30pm, Selwyn Village Chapel, Target Street, Pt Chevalier.

Tribute from Ian McRobie:  Mollie and D’Arcy Whiting were institutions in the RAYC for their spontaneity and originality, contributing and making our Club a happy Club.  They were the backbone of the Off-Shore Sailing Division and Mollie will be sadly missed by the Daylarks ladies.  I well remember being present when the Daylarks were in fine fettle and Bob Tizard (the M.P’s brother) turned up to represent a rope company.  He was swamped by all these ladies and we got the sponsorship for the Feltex Ropes for the Winter Series.

Heather Lidgard adds: John and I did a lot of sailing with the Whitings.  Mollie was always involved with cruising, racing and meeting us at the destination of off-shore races. D’Arcy and Mollie won the 1988 Cruising Award.

Further information: Marian Harkness, ph: 09-431-6332 or calimex@clear.net.nz.

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