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Eight Bells, Life Member Richard Ross

Richard Ross, life member since 1980, passed away on the 29th June at the age of 97, just short of his 98th birthday in August.

He had a long naval history during the 2nd World War and was a keen yachtsman.

KitanuiHis first sailing dinghy was a 9ft Flying Dutchman which he sold when he signed up with the RNVR in 1939. Although soon after he purchased the M Class Mischief and then Marita which he sailed from the Royal Akarana Yacht Club. He had joined the Club in 1936, a year before the Royal Warrant was awarded.

After he was demobbed (6 years of service) he was keen to get back to sailing and bought a K class, Kitanui, which is still sailing in Whangarei. In fact there was a plan to renovate Kitanui and bring her to St Heliers Bay where he would be able to see her from his house. Sadly this had not happened.

He had asked for family only at his funeral but there will be many who mourn him – John and Heather Lidgard, the Whiting family, Max Carter amongst many.

As Historian I was privileged to meet him and enjoyed hearing his stories. A biography has been compiled and will be available in the new Clubhouse when completed.

Marian Harkness

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