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Thanks for booking your place on our Feva Race course.

Here is some information that will assist on your first day.


Royal Akarana Yacht Club has moved temporarily to the Auckland Sailing Club (ASC) we are now situated right next to Ferg’s Kayaks at the other end of the ramp.  There is parking on site.  You will find us upstairs if there is anything you need.  Please feel free to make yourself at home in our club rooms or on the deck during the lesson times.  At this stage our café will not be open in the afternoons but we are busy working on a solution for this.

What to bring

  • Shoes
    Shoes are essential items for us to allow sailors on the water. The ramp can get very slippery this time of year in spite of it getting water-blasted on a regular basis.  There is also some oyster growth on the edge of the ramp and some children not wearing shoes have experienced cuts.  Shoes are now required and are the best prevention against these cuts. Cheap water shoes are acceptable or even old sneakers, as long as the foot is fully enclosed, however purpose-built shoes can be bought from sailing stores.
  • Wetsuit / Rash Shirt / Jacket
    The water temperature has been warming up but at this time of the year it can still drop quickly.  We suggest that our sailors wear a wet suit and preferably a rash suit or wind jacket  to protect them from  If your child is  intent on continuing sailing you can purchase specialised sailing gear, I recommend checking out the ZHIK store near Victoria Park, otherwise a range of gear can be found at Sailor’s Corner or other marine speciality stores.
  • Hat / Sunglasses
    Please ensure your young sailor also brings a hat each week. They can be out on the water for nearly 3 hours and we also suggest sunglasses.  We have sunblock for those that forget to apply some before they arrive and our coaches will be checking everyone is sun blocked before they launch the boats.
  • Something to eat
    An afternoon snack is also a good idea as children can often get hungry, something small  they can put in their life jacket pocket  i.e. a muesli bar can be a good idea.  We suggest that they take a named water bottle with them on the water, this can be given to the coach to look after.

The Weather

The weather this time of year can be unpredictable, we plan for having two non-sailing days over the 8-week course, however at this time of year we often have a full 8 sessions on the water. If the weather is looking bad please still bring your child down as we have many constructive, educational activities to complete on shore that will greatly benefit the development of your child’s sailing ability.  Also bring them in sports clothing as sometime we do fitness sessions on these days.

Contact Details

Please keep my contact details handy, Mobile: 027 4851226, Email: you need to call on the day if you are running late for a session please contact our Head Coach Nathan Laurie on 0212054842.

Session Times

  • Weekdays
    Weekday sessions start at 4pm each day, please ensure your sailor is here at 4pm ready to sail.  The less time spent on the land will mean more time on the water learning and having fun.  Pick up time is 7pm each day.  Occasionally if the weather is particularly bad and we conduct an off the water session we may offer you the opportunity to collect your child earlier.
  • Weekends
    Weekend morning sessions are from 9am to 12 and afternoon sessions run from 1pm to 4pm.  Please make sure your child is here on time so they can enjoy maximum time or let us know if you are not coming so that we do not hold the group on shore while we are waiting for you to arrive.

Our head coach will run a small induction for the sailors and their parents on the first day of each term class.  If you have any particular questions you can either e-mail me or ask on the day.

Thanks again! I’m sure you are going to have a blast on this course. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Shelley Liefting
Academy Manager

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