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24 11, 2014

Yates Cup: Iemanja – Don’t mess with the sea Gods

November 24th, 2014|Categories: All News, Yates Cup|

OK – yes we were last over the start-line, last over the finish-line, last in PHRF and last in the short-handed division, but we do have great last-ing memories of a fun-filled race. Having spent the last 3-years restoring a tired aluminum 1978 Doug Peterson 2-ton IOR yacht, this race was the shakedown for the [...]

22 11, 2014

Yates Cup: Expedition Coppelia’s second close call!

November 22nd, 2014|Categories: All News, Yates Cup|

We rounded Cuvier in daylight, after a tasty beef stog, a real cooked meal I might add not freeze dry this time. We sailed under my fav. sail the JT till Arid Island, in lightening breeze, Midnight Express and Atamai ahead, Promise defending champion behind. The wind went up and down and so did our [...]