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Bailey Family Boat Builders

During the 16 years prior to the inauguration of the North Shore Sailing Club, open sailing boats were popular. The 20 footer Gladys, owned by Charles Bailey Jnr, featured in several races run by the North Shore Sailing Club and in 1902 for the successor, North Shore Yacht Club.  The self-tending balanced jib on its own boom and the dipping lug mainsail can be seen (above).

1914 BAILEY family boatbuilders, LtoR Charles Bailey Snr,grands0002

1914 BAILEY FAMILY BOATBUILDERS (LtoR Charles Bailey Snr, grandsons Ernest & Gladwin and their father Charles Bailey Jnr.

The earliest pioneer boat builder was Charles Bailey, later called senior when his son of the same name entered the trade.  Junior also built Daisy, one of the first B class cutters which also raced for NSSC.  But the most significant yacht for RAYC was Junior’s Speedwell, which he built in 1907 for “Wilkie” Wilkinson whom we regard as our founder.  She raced, almost continuously, for 33 years.

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