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Bailey Brothers

Archives received a request from American Samoa regarding an article in the Newsletter about the Bailey Brothers (Boat Builders in the past).

David Herdich asks if anyone has any records or papers relating to their history. Obviously there are pieces on the internet which I presume he has seen, but he is specifically researching a type of canoe built by Chas Bailey Snr and shipped to Samoa.

The boat is now called a fautasi.

Mr Herdich has seen the article in the Auckland Star of 14 March 1895 (vol XXV1, issue 62) which he found on Paperspast but he would like to know more about the construction of the fautasi.

He is working with the Amertican Samoa Historic Preservation Office in Pago Pago and his email is

It is a 64ft cutter with 34 oars to paddle and will carry close to one hundred men!

If you would like Archives to forward the information for you please contact Marian Harkness 09-431-6332 or

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