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The yacht class known as Patikis are basically the same as a Stewart 34.

It was Bob Stewart who built the first of the class which was built by John Lidgard for Peter Colemore-Williams and launched in 1959 as Patiki.

The yachts sailed out of the Squadron but in June 1960 Akarana member Jim Davern asked Lidgard to build one for him, Princess, built out of “sap kauri” which was half the weight of kauri.

Four more such yachts were built by Lidgard – including Pim and Patiko.

Three were launched together in October 1960 from Prince’s Wharf. But when the Squadron did not take up the idea of running a race for the Patikis in the 3rd division, Davern asked RAYC to run a race for the class.

The Patikis then had great success with the Rothman’s Gold Cup series of 100, 200 and 300 mile races.

The photos show Davern on the left of his hull with builders John Lidgard and John Birch. Patikis are still racing but based at Westhaven.

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  1. Steve Cranch July 2, 2015 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    For anyone who might be interested in history, the Logan Patiki shown in the photo above is of the Parnell Patiki class created in 1898 by the Parnell yacht club. the class rules of the restricted Patiki’s when they were launched called for 18’6″ overall 15′ 6″ LWL 7′ beam clinker built and 10 planks a side.
    Interestingly in 1922 an improved Patiki class was introduced and given the class letter M! Mawhiti for W.Scott Wilson and Matarere for Stuart Wilson this of course being the mighty M class which are now based at RAYC
    The Bob Stewart 34′ Patiki is whats written about above and a completely different kettle of fish.
    for an excellent run down on NZ yachting history might I suggest Southern Breeze by Harold Kidd, Robin Elliott and David Pardon.

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