12′ Skiff Nationals: RAYC Fleet Report

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12′ Skiff Nationals: RAYC Fleet Report

The 12 foot skiff Nationals were held in Wellington at the Worser Bay Boating Club, 11th to 13th of March.

An amazing road trip was made by five Auckland boats, One and In, Ugly Stick, Ok Dok, Mr Scruff and Frankenskiff. Joined by Wellington boats, As Good as it Gets, May Contain Traces Of Nuts, This Way Up, Subwoofer and Lost (not short of a good boat name here), a quality fleet was formed.

Unfortunately, the first day was blown out by an impressive Wellington southerly peaking at 40 knots. Only one thing to do when that happens…

Day two started early but with the opposite problem, no wind. A few hours passed by drifting around before a good sea breeze filled in. Some great sailing was had with the big rigs in peaks of 20 knots, which proved tough for some. Top three from the day was As Good As It Gets, One and In, then Ugly Stick.

Day three started with a far more promising 15 to 20 knots. Third rig was the call all round, and three races of the best Wellington has to offer were sailed. The top three stayed tight with all three sharing evenly one’s, two’s and three’s.

Final results:
1. AGAIG, Glen Armstrong, Roger Barnes
2. One and In, Ben de Fluiter, Matt Steven
3. Ugly Stick, Simon Ganley Ollie Scott Mackie
4. Ok Dok, Jonno Clough, Luke Oconnel
5. Frankenskiff, Tim Bartlett, Matt Hix
6. MCTON, Jason Parkin, Mel Parkin/Nick Parkin
7. Lost, James de Lisle, Will Eastman
8. Mr Scruff, Tom Olds, Aaron Robertson
9. Subwoofer, Tim Coltman, Adam Middleton
10. This Way Up, Oakley Marsh, Will Martel

By Ben de Fluiter

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