Volunteers are always hard to come by but are an extremely important part of club activity and are the main requirement for racing and regattas.

This weekend RAYC is hosting the September (Spring) edition of Sail Akarana and today (Tuesday), 4 days from the first race, all the volunteer roles have been filled! This is the first time this has happened for a very long time!

This weekend’s team:

Start Boat
RO – Fendall Halliburton
Crew 1 – Bruce Middleton
Crew 2 – Scott Williams
Crew 3 – Jonathan Swan

Mark 1 (Top Marks)
Skipper – Rob Heath
Crew – Justin Roys (Sat) | Graham Jones (Sun)

Mark 2 (Bottom Marks)
Skipper – Rory Fogerty
Crew – Kim Admore (Sat) | Stuart Gardner (Sun)

If you are competing this weekend, please make sure you acknowledge these fantastic volunteers who have given up their days off so you can go racing!

Volunteers Receive:
Lunch, 2 x free drinks after sailing and invitations to join in with the days social activities and BBQ’s

To become a volunteer please contact Suellen on 524 9945 or email